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Mediation by Retired Judges

Mediation is a fluid process in which a neutral, the mediator, meets with the parties to a dispute to build communication in search of a mutually agreeable resolution. With our extensive experience as judges and as lawyers, we bring a knowledgeable and flexible approach to the mediation process that fits the particular case and results in the best solution for all parties.

Klein Maring



Our experience as both judges and lawyers (see each of our individual profiles) makes us uniquely prepared to mediate your dispute. In our careers as judges and lawyers we have handled a wide variety of cases, and we understand the risks, costs and delay associated with resolving a legal dispute by trial. We will be prepared and will help you find the best alternative to an expensive and risky trial.



We bring to each case a commitment to find a resolution that will reflect not only the legal merits of the dispute, but also will address the needs and interests of each party. We bring an open-minded view of each dispute and a determination to find the right solution.



We want each party to be actively involved at every stage of the mediation process. We will encourage you to tell us not only about the facts of your case and how the law applies to those facts, but also about the interests you need to have addressed in any resolution of your dispute and what settlement terms would meet your needs.



Settlements are reached through building communication, which requires listening and feedback. Good settlements take time. We will not rush you into making a settlement decision. We will help you find the best possible settlement terms and will help you analyze what those terms mean for you.


Hard Working:

Mediation is a process that we know how to manage. We will stick with the process to help the parties develop their best settlement options. If a settlement is not reached in one meeting, we will stay in contact with you to keep searching for the right solution.



We understand that settlement discussions often involve sensitive and confidential information. We respect your need for discretion and will not reveal your information to anyone.

Karen Klein

United States Magistrate Judge, Retired

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Mary Maring

North Dakota Supreme Court Justice, Retired

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